Creative Element: Be the Change

December 15, 2014
/   Art

This is a photo I took at camp that captured a story I got to witness. This counselor who was also one of my good friends is just one example of someone I’ve seen...

Creative Element: Post tenebras lux

December 12, 2014
/   Art

As I considered the relationship between the Church and art, specifically rooted in it’s reformation theology linked to Calvin I began to think about how to creatively respond to our current state. The above...

Eyes Wide

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“For the writer of fiction, everything has its testing point in the eye, an organ which eventually involves the whole personality and as much of the world as can be got into it.” -Flannery...

Language and Silence

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“When I teach Jane Austen, I pause over a description of the Bennett sisters’ hearing the sound of horses’ hooves a mile away and ask students to try to imagine the ambient silences of...

The Prayers of the People

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About eight months ago I became social media free. It wasn’t a Lent conviction nor a social statement; simply put I’m a bit archaic and a poor multi-tasker so the constant “checking” was a constant headache....