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Xavier Ruffin a graphic designer currently working for Kohl’s and student at MIAD,  developed an early career path in the design field, doing freelance design for many clients from his own firm which he started at just 14 years of age and bolstering his credibility after earning several scholastic art awards. Some of his most recent work in film directing, includes a documentary that is currently in production and a product design project called Solas that gained the attention of The Dieline a highly respected package design community. As can be seen from Xavier’s work in developing Solas he is also a concerned with the tangible needs of those beyond our borders.

Solas is a personal care product line with a Biblical theme “the five solas,” geared towards a primarily affluent and ministerial minded Christian community, each package also contains a musical recording of Christian hip-hop and a five solas t-shirt. However, the most notable feature is the social cause which it helps support:

“To address the customers desire to help others and justify their seemingly self-centered and slightly expensive purchase a second five sola’s personal care kit will be shipped free of charge to a missions trip in a foreign country when ever any one orders one. The donated kit will help promote cleanliness in areas where personal hygiene may be an issue of concern.”

Personal hygiene, quality products, good design, social aid and the gospel all wrapped into one well designed package. Certainly the Christian community has seen a myriad of products labeled “Christian,” but this is one that breaks the Christian kitsch mold clearly distancing itself from shameless attachment of a Biblical theme to poorly designed products such as the Lookin Good for Jesus cosmetic kit.

Take a look at the product proposal and even Xavier’s website for some more inspiring and creative design work.


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